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total asset gathering system

TAGS (Total Asset Gathering System) allows you to organize all of your media online instead of searching through hard drives or sitting in edit rooms. Our cloud-based media library lets you browse, search, and find specific shots instantly.

A variety of clients, including Popeyes, Southwest Airlines, Texas Tourism, and Whataburger, use TAGS to collaborate with their creative teams, create presentations and do offline editing. 

Every client has unique needs. We customize your database with the categories and keywords you require. When we process your footage, we embed this custom metadata into each file, upload your media to our secure server, and authorize your users to login. It's that simple. 

Now you can gather clips, make comments, and then share your ideas. Use TAGS' custom "Viewing Rooms" to organize and share your search results with others.



We organize your clip library with keywords that you deem important.  You can browse your files using search criteria that you choose, and locate your data easily and quickly using keywords, expressions, dates, shot actions, camera specs, descriptions of the shots, etc.


TAGS allows you to view your clips online. You can also download the files for offline editing because they carry the same name and time-code values as the master HD clips you shot.  This enables you to create an offline edit with these clips which can then be re-linked to the HD files at a later time.


Once you find the clip you are looking for, you can review it online or download it. If your shot includes on-camera dialogue, we can transcribe it so that it is searchable as well.  Whether you're looking for a particular phrase, shot action, name, date, product or person, TAGS helps you quickly and easily locate the files you need.



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